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I help small businesses use social media the right way to drive growth and realise new opportunities.

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Are you…?

.… a micro/small business owner, a freelancer or an entrepreneur?
… confused about social media and how it fits in your marketing mix?
… struggling to keep up with all the changes and newest trends in the world of social media?

You’re not alone! I’m already working with many people in similar situations.

Here’s how I can help you:


The first step to success on social media is having a strategy and an action plan in place. I see strategy as a roadmap, clearly marking your starting point and desired destination. Your action plan is your GPS telling you which way to go, how fast you’re allowed to travel and where there might be potential detours.


 If you’re really short on time, I can take care of your social media on your behalf. We’ll get in place a marketing roadmap for your business and I’ll be the one driving, leaving you free to focus on the tasks that add real value to your business. This option requires the least involvement from your side, but isn’t suitable for every business.


Maybe all you need is your knowledge refreshed or to learn some new tips or tricks. I’m running various workshops and training sessions based on your needs. You can also join the Cambridge Social Media Meetup, where we hook once a month and talk about the latest social media changes and trends.

Starting with social media?

Learn how to get the most out of social media simply and quickly with The Complete Social Media Starter Kit!

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Cambridge Social Media Meetup

The new Cambridge Social Media Meetup was set-up for freelancers, small business owners and everyone else who wants to learn more about social media and meet interesting people in the process!

Feeling lost in the social media maze? Don’t know where to start and how to efficiently spend your limited time? You’re not alone! No matter if you’re a marketing virgin, newbie or a pro, this evening meetup is for everyone!

Join us for an evening of socialising and social media chit chat (with pizza, healthy nibbles and beer).

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Cambridge Social Media Meetup – Mastering LinkedIn

Date: Tuesday 18th September from 6:30 PM until late

Place: The Bradfield Centre, Unit 184 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge CB4 0GA

Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of LinkedIn? You’re not the only one! I’m really excited to bring another guest speaker to Cambridge to share their experience with us.

On this night, Kim Verbrugge will teach us How to Grow and Build Business Relationships with LinkedIn.

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Cambridge Social Media Meetup – Content Planning Masterclass

Date: Thursday 9th August from 6:30 PM until late

Place: The Bradfield Centre, Unit 184 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge CB4 0GA

It’s getting harder to get noticed online and as a consequence, the costs of online marketing are spiralling. For freelancers, starting entrepreneurs and small business wanted to get noticed, a strong content marketing strategy is critical to driving growth.

Having been part of growing a content marketing agency and now building an award-winning social media software platform, Andy Lambert knows a lot about creating well-performing content marketing campaigns.

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Cambridge Social Media Meetup MORNING – Facebook Ads

Date: Tuesday 28th August from 10 am

Place: The Bradfield Centre, Unit 184 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge CB4 0GA

There’s more to Facebook Ads than the ‘boost’ button!

Learn how to create effective Facebook Ads from Rebecca Fordham – THE Facebook Ads Expert and Geek 😉

In this session, we’ll explore the basics of Facebook Ads Manager and best practices for running campaigns. Facebook ads management is a complex, ever-changing beast! A dark art that requires a specific skill set and training (much more than we have time for!), but I’m sure that after this session you’ll feel much more confident in exploring all advertising options that Facebook has to offer!

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Cambridge Social Media Day 2018

Date: Thursday 8th November from 9am until 6pm

Place: Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington, Cambridge

Learn how to leverage social media to grow your business and achieve your goals!


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Cambridge Social Media Meetup MORNING – Content Planning and Repurposing

Date: Wednesday 12th September from 10 am

Place: The Bradfield Centre, Unit 184 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge CB4 0GA

Following last months’ Content Planning Masterclass with Andy Lambert of ContentCal, we’ll look again at content planning and repurposing.

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