The last few years have been incredibly exciting (and stressful) for marketers as social media has changed the whole game.

We have learnt that the only constant is constant change and we’ve had to become agile to stay up-to-date with all the changes. New features and rules are popping up from everywhere and it’s sometimes a bit overwhelming and challenging to keep up with every update.

That’s why I’ve decided to keep this simple diary of all changes where you can always find out about the latest updates:

(*most of the launch dates are for the UK market)


April – Instagram – API deprecation (ban of automated comments/likes)

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March – Instagram – Timeline algorithm update
March – Instagram – Hashtags and links in bios
February – Twitter – Automation update

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February – Instagram – Type Mode launch
January – Facebook – Algorithm change – meaningful conversations & live video priority > drop in organic reach

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January – Instagram – Allows scheduling via 3rd party apps


December – Twitter – Threads
December – Instagram – Follow hashtags
December – Facebook – Engagement bait ban > drop in organic reach
November – Twitter – 280 characters
October – Instagram – Polls in Stories
October – Instagram – Split screen for Live Stories
October – Facebook – Testing new Explore feed (discontinued in March 2018) > drop in organic reach
October – Facebook – New tools for Groups
September – Facebook – Link previews can’t be edited (response to fake news)
June – Facebook – Analytics for Groups
May – Facebook – Video covers launch
May – Facebook – live video gets priority
May – Twitter – Media files don’t count to 140 character limit
April – Facebook – Messenger bots to groups launch
March – Twitter – @Replies don’t count to 140 character limit
January – Instagram – Live video is Stories
January – Facebook – Stories in News Feed


December – Facebook – Colourful backgrounds for text posts
November – Instagram – Live video launch
June – Facebook – Priority for friends and family > drop in organic reach
April – Facebook – Messenger bots launched
April – Facebook – Clickbait ban
March – Facebook – The priority for Live Videos

Want to know more?

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For those of you, who are active on Instagram, you don’t want to miss this wonderful summary of all latest Instagram updates from Adespresso.


Which one of the updates and new features above has affected your business the most? Let me know!

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