It’s been almost two years since I started my own business and a lot has changed since then, especially in the world of social media. In fact, when it comes to social media, the only constant thing that you can rely on is the constant change. New platforms are emerging, new features popping up on all platforms and updates about how to use them are becoming more and more frequent.

This and simply the fact that we need to evolve to survive means that a lot has changed in the way I run my business and in the ways in which we help our clients. (I’ve used ‘WE’ on purpose, as it’s no longer just me working on my business)

It’s been a challenging year, but I’m still moving forward

I know that I haven’t been in touch much lately and I’m really sorry for that. This year has been more challenging than I could ever imagine – not only in my business but mostly in my personal life. If you want to know more about what’s been happening this year, read this blog post and/or this follow up blog post.

Now that things have stabilised a little, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things and I’m ready to share more information about all the exciting changes with you.

Let me tell you a little bit more about some recent changes in social media, my business and my focus.

What’s new in social media?

This year has been huge in terms of significant social media changes. It started with a major announcement from Facebook in January [link] and it hasn’t settled down since. A lot of the things that worked on social media up until now won’t work anymore (or are against the rules) and all businesses need to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.

I’ve spent the past three months learning as much as I can about these changes and what they mean for my business as well as my clients’ businesses. I’ve been regularly writing blog posts and newsletters summarising the latest updates and how they might affect your business.

Here’s an overview of all the latest changes to individual social platforms.

I have new strategies in place and new ideas for the implementation of these changes for my clients. If you still want to use social media to promote your business and achieve your goals, you need to update your social media marketing strategies.

And I’m here to help you!

Where is my business going?

I’ve been really blessed with the steady growth of my business over the past two years, which allowed (and required) me to get additional support and new team members. One of them has become absolutely crucial for me and my business, and I couldn’t have done what I have and survived the past year without her.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my colleague and new business partner Jo Cook.

Jo is a marketing consultant who specialises in traditional offline marketing as well as digital marketing. Over the past year, Jo has started helping me with creating engaging content to help nurture relationships and brand loyalty among businesses and their customers. Jo has been doing a fantastic job in predicting our clients’ need and she’s always been going above and beyond to help them.

Thanks to Jo, I’m able to help more businesses, deliver better services and also expand my service offering.

I know that I haven’t been ‘on it’ this year with my communication and overall customer service, and that needs to change. Delivering great services and great experiences all around is really important to me and I haven’t been meeting my usual high standards this year. I wasn’t in the right place to be able to do so, as I needed to focus on my family, my own health and sanity first. And even though I don’t regret taking more time for myself, I don’t want to leave my clients hanging…

You deserve only the best!

That’s why I’m bringing more people on board, so it’s not only me taking care of you. There’ll be more of us with specific skills and responsibilities to assure that all our campaigns are up to date with the latest trends, as efficient and creative as possible, and that we are always communicating with your clearly and in a timely manner.

What’s my focus? Introducing Lenka 2.0

Not only has the industry and my business experienced change, I’ve also changed a lot over the last two years.

Since the end of last year, I’ve been thinking a lot about my values, my mission in business, as well as about the reasons why I started my own business. More and more often I’ve been mentioning educating and empowering business owners (freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, students) to understand and better leverage the power of social media for their projects.

I’ve always been interested in working with micro businesses and social enterprises, but I struggled to keep my services affordable and at the same time bring in enough income to sustain my business. Then I realised that rather than doing it on their behalf, I can help them more (and help more people) if I focus on training and empowering them to do it yourself.

That’s how my Cambridge Social Media Meetup came to be. I wanted to find out what it is that freelancers and small business owners struggle with the most and how I can help them.

In 18 months of running regular meetups and having over 100 people joining us regularly, I’ve got a better understanding of the challenges, pain and needs of other freelancers and small business owners. And with my new business focus, I want to help more of them to leverage social media the right way.

So, what’s next?

From the beginning of June, all Social Media Management projects will be delivered through the new Lenka & Jo Partnership and Jo will be in charge of all comms and the day-to-day responsibilities of these projects. I’ll be involved on the more strategic level and will be overseeing that all campaigns are always run in alignment with the latest trends and rules.

I’ll do more of the things that I’m good at and let others do the rest. I want to play to my strengths and let others to do the same.

Any questions?

I know that it’s a lot to take in, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if there’s anything that wasn’t explained clearly.

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